K'iche' Maya Women Foodways

K'iche' Maya Women Foodways

This virtual food repository was made from images shot by K'iche' Maya women at meal times in a rural hamlet in Iximulew's western highlands (Guatemala).

Miguel Cuj (kel xik') is a Vanderbilt University Ph.D. student in anthropology. Miguel has been conducting fieldwork since 2016 in this K'iche' hamlet.

K’iche’ women use e-devices (cellphones) to take photographs in kitchens wherein they make food. These pictures represent mealtime wa nim aq’ab’(breakfast), wa paq’ij (lunch) and wa qajab’al q’ij (dinner) that K'iche women sent through an online platform (see pictures).

This site provides a preliminary visual dataset of meals, a preliminary mealtimes record of food, and a preliminary list of K'iche' names for the food items and cookware as a result of fieldwork.


This site is supported as an (in)digital food project by the HASTAC program at Vanderbilt University and the Center for Digital Humanities 2022-2023 (mini-grant).